Toni V. Martin

Founder & CEO, Systems To Success

Toni V. Martin is the founder of Systems To Success, a Registered Partner of  Salesforce.com focused on helping small businesses succeed with optimization and automation of their business processes. A seasoned IT professional, Toni is a veteran of Fortune 500 and 100 organizations with enterprise level implementations of Salesforce.

Toni is recognized as a thought leader in the Salesforce Business Analyst space. As the founder of the Salesforce Business Analyst Virtual Summit and Trailblazer Community, she has been featured on podcasts, at Dreamforce and regional events speaking on topics relative to the business analysis specific to Salesforce.


Flavors of Business Analysts
April 23, 2021
8:00 am

Flavors of Business Analysts

Eastern Time
23 April
Time:  8:00 am12:00 am
Location:  Eastern Time
Speaker:  Toni V. Martin

Not all Salesforce BAs are created equal! If you’re wondering about the core responsibilities and roles of a Salesforce BA, along with the various nuances of the role, then this session will introduce you to some of the “flavors” Salesforce BAs come in!