Scott Luikart

Lead Technical Architect; Roycon

Scott Luikart is a Salesforce MVP, LGBTQIA+ Community Group Leader, #MGPdoesTrailhead founder. He works as a Lead Technical Architect for Roycon. In his role he helps his team take requirements from clients and turn them into Salesforce functionality.


Listen for the WHAT, not the HOW
April 28, 2021
9:00 am

Listen for the WHAT, not the HOW

Eastern Time
28 April
Time:  9:00 am - 10:00 am
Location:  Eastern Time
Speaker:  Scott Luikart

Often, when we take on Salesforce projects, we begin with learning about the clients’ existing process. However, how they do things today isn’t how they want to do them in the future. This session details how to shift your focus from purely documenting the as-is to asking key questions to elicit the to-be state. Things won’t look or behave exactly the same, but the WHY behind your client’s needs will be accomplished, provided we talk about WHAT vs HOW correctly.