Rachel Whaley

Technology Lead; LA Tech4Good & Sr. Salesforce Administrator; University of Southern California

Rachel Whaley is an advocate for technology as a tool for positive social impact. As the technology lead for LA Tech4Good, she leads workshops to enable individuals and organizations to develop ethical and equitable data practices. Across her experience with nonprofits, higher ed, and public and private sectors, she believes data can be a force for good when handled responsibly. She holds degrees in public policy and computer science from the University of Chicago.


Documentation as a Tool for Data Equity
April 27, 2021
9:00 am

Documentation as a Tool for Data Equity

Eastern Time
27 April
Time:  9:00 am - 10:00 am
Location:  Eastern Time
Speaker:  Rachel Whaley

If you work with data that is related to people, you have a responsibility to ensure that you're taking an equitable and ethical approach to your data practice. In this session, you will learn the foundations of data equity and data ethics through an intersectional approach, and how data documentation can be a powerful tool to promote equity. You'll walk away with practical tools that you can apply to promote equitable, ethical practices in your data work. Whether you're a business analyst, team leader, data scientist, data-informed decision-maker, or database administrator, you play a critical role in fighting for equity in data. If you want to learn how to promote equity and ethics in your data work, this session will show you how to get started.