Ian Gotts

Founder & CEO; Elements.cloud
Ian Gotts has been a Salesforce Customer from 2002 and was a speaker at the first UK “Dreamforce” which was Marc, 3 customers and 120 delegates! Since then he has spoken at Dreamforce and World Tour multiple times and has written 11 books on Salesforce, business analysis, change management and compliance. He is an entertaining speaker and will challenge your current thinking.


3 Lessons We’ve Learnt From Writing Over 1000 User Stories
April 27, 2021
8:00 am

3 Lessons We've Learnt From Writing Over 1000 User Stories

Eastern Time
27 April
Time:  8:00 am - 9:00 am
Location:  Eastern Time
Speaker:  Ian Gotts

The cornerstone of development is the user story. And in the last year we have written over 1,000 user stories and released to production 77 times. We have a very clear analysis process before we make changes to ensure that we deliver what the user NEEDS, not what they thought they WANTED. Whilst this sounds like it would slow down delivery, it has actually proven to make it faster. This session will explain how we do it and how you can make a phased change to this approach.