April 23rd


Flavors of Business Analysts

Not all Salesforce BAs are created equal! If you’re wondering about the core responsibilities and roles of a Salesforce BA, along with the various nuances of the role, then this session will introduce you to some of the “flavors” Salesforce BAs come in! 

8 AM Eastern

April 26th


Un-Pretzeling An Org: A Guide to Documentation that Won’t Leave You Feeling Salty

Documentation can be one of THE most challenging parts of being a Salesforce Admin. Whether you’ve been building your own org over years, or are walking into an org that’s entirely new to you, understanding how all of the objects, automations, code, and third-party integrations affect those processes can be a challenge that leaves you confused and frustrated. Enter the need to document not only your objects, automations, and validation rules, but also processes (and I don’t mean Process Builder)! Join this session to gain a better understanding of identifying processes that should be documented and leave with a template to start your own process documentation.

8AM Eastern

Understanding the Power of Being a Servant Leader

Servant Leadership is a principle threaded through Agile methodology that is a key skillset in navigating the Salesforce BA/Admin Role. This sessions will define servant leadership, specifically with how it shows up for Salesforce delivery teams and help you answer the questions what does it mean to be a Servant Leader, how can you better incorporate this principle into to your Role as a BA and why it’s important to understand how your role as a Servant Leader helps to accomplish your objectives and those of your stakeholders.

9 AM Eastern

How to gain Salesforce Experience with the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)

If you’re looking to grow your experience as a Salesforce BA, you constantly hear that volunteering for a nonprofit is a great way to get experience. But how? This session provides a game plan for moving beyond just helping a nonprofit acquire free licenses. BAs can align the organization’s needs and processes to the inclusions of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). A BA can also provide value by defining and designing organizational benefits beyond the NPSP. Attendees will learn what the NPSP is, how to apply for the NPSP, and opportunities to apply NPSP benefits to an organization.

10 AM Eastern

April 27th


3 Lessons We’ve Learnt from Writing Over 1000 User Stories

The cornerstone of development is the user story.  And in the last year we have written over 1,000 user stories and released to production 77 times. We have a very clear analysis process before we make changes to ensure that we deliver what the user NEEDS, not what they thought they WANTED.  Whilst this sounds like it would slow down delivery, it has actually proven to make it faster. This session will explain how we do it and how you can make a phased change to this approach.

8 AM Eastern

Documentation as a Tool for Data Equity

If you work with data that is related to people, you have a responsibility to ensure that you’re taking an equitable and ethical approach to your data practice. In this session, you will learn the foundations of data equity and data ethics through an intersectional approach, and how data documentation can be a powerful tool to promote equity. You’ll walk away with practical tools that you can apply to promote equitable, ethical practices in your data work. Whether you’re a business analyst, team leader, data scientist, data-informed decision-maker, or database administrator, you play a critical role in fighting for equity in data. If you want to learn how to promote equity and ethics in your data work, this session will show you how to get started.

9 AM Eastern

Career Next Steps: Business Analyst to Product Owner

The Product Owner is indeed becoming the next stage in many Business Analyst’s path to continual growth and success. Taking a look at the key strengths and skills Business Analysts can impart to a Product Owner role is essential. Key takeaways from this presentation include learning what the Product Owner role entails, the critical BA skills needed for the Product Owner role, how to be a successful Product Owner and understanding the main differences between the BA and PO roles along with how to fill any critical gaps from your present BA role to that of a Product Owner. 

10 AM Eastern

April 28th


Eliciting Requirements Using the Process Modelling and Analysis Technique

Research has shown that poor requirement elicitation and documentation is one of the reasons most software projects fail. This session shares one BA’s approach to eliciting system requirements from a process perspective.At the end of the session, participants will understand the methodology for eliciting requirements for Salesforce projects using process modelling and analysis while minimizing the risk of missing and incomplete requirements.

8 AM Eastern

Listen for the WHAT, not the HOW

Often, when we take on Salesforce projects, we begin with learning about the clients’ existing process. However, how they do things today isn’t how they want to do them in the future. This session details how to shift your focus from purely documenting the as-is to asking key questions to elicit the to-be state. Things won’t look or behave exactly the same, but the WHY behind your client’s needs will be accomplished, provided we talk about WHAT vs HOW correctly. 

9 AM Eastern

The Newest BA Certification: ACBA with Laura Brandenburg

If you’re ready to attain a credential which speaks not just to your knowledge of business analysis but your application of best practices, you may be interested in the newest certification in the BA landscape: the Applied Certification in Business Analysis. As an extension of The Business Analysis Blueprint from Bridging The Gap, this robust certification combines intensive training in business analysis along with real-world project experience to culminate in a credential that can be used to attract new opportunities and thrive at your present role. Laura Brandenburg will share the impetus behind the certification, the program structure, differences from other BA certifications and how to assess your skills against BA best practices.

10 AM Eastern

April 29th


Using Process Maps to Write Effective User Stories

This presentation will explain how process maps can be used in combination with user stories to generate a comprehensive understanding of requirements. Takeaways include  How to identify process gaps and missing user stories. How process maps can be used to understand the abstraction level of a user story. How process maps help when estimating user stories. How process maps can be used to ensure that acceptance criteria is complete and that the user story can be fully tested. 

8 AM Eastern

Visualize Business Requirements in 1 Page

Gathering information from different stakeholders with different backgrounds and presenting the documentation is one of the most common challenges for a BA. This session will provide you with some helpful templates to transform your spreadsheet or a document into a 1-page visualization to map out processes from a single journey to a process mapping. 

9 AM Eastern

How to Split the “User Story” Cake

User story splitting can be  a nebulous necessity for BAs, but required for efficient backlog refinement. This session provides an overview of why user stories need to be split, the key components of a “good” user story and different approaches for slicing stories that will facilitate your Salesforce story grooming. 

10 AM Eastern

April 30th


Complete Career Pivot: From Zero Salesforce Experience to Salesforce Business Analyst

Can you go from having no Salesforce experience to landing a role as a Salesforce BA? Although it’s not common, this session shares the real-world experience of one professional who did just this! You’ll learn how Anita Smith was able to switch industries during a pandemic, going from a revenue manager for one of the large hotel chains to Salesforce Business Analyst. Anita will share her journey thus far and key takeaways include how to shift into Salesforce without a tech background, how to position yourself online for this role and advice for brand-new BAs! 

8 AM Eastern

Building Artifacts from Requirements

Are you looking for better ways to convey your solutions to stakeholders? Building System Landscape and Object Model diagrams are key tools for sharing your thoughts. 

We will examine how to think through building diagrams, and reasons behind each item on an artifact. You will learn the tips and tricks that transform your diagrams from ordinary to extraordinary. 

With a CTA as your guide, you will interactively deconstruct a business scenario and learn the 10 steps to construct information dense artifacts that communicate a complete picture to others.

9 AM Eastern

Fireside Chat: Caring for a Cause with Shonnah Hughes

As an action-oriented advocate for change, Shonnah Hughes is a role model for combining your passions with your Salesforce career. In this session, Shonnah will share how she has taken initiative to speak out against discrimination and injustice, partnering with the Ohana to create community and using your influence to make an impact with charitable organizations you believe in–such as Shonnah’s involvement with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (you can support Shonnah’s fundraising team here: https://bit.ly/myelomamoonshots

10 AM Eastern